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Happy Birthday Kevin Durant: How the Nets celebrated his 34th at Day 3 of Training Camp

Brooklyn Nets Media Day Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Kevin Durant turned 34 years old today. On Day 3 of Nets training camp in Sunset Park, there were some light festivities for the birthday boy.

After a happy birthday graphic for Durant was shown on the screen, two small cakes were rolled out towards the huddle of Nets players and coaching staff. One of the cakes had the No. 7 on it and rookie two-way guard, Alondes Williams led the handful of rookies in singing happy birthday to Durant.

“We got him a cake. Alondes [Williams] sang to him. It was awful,” Steve Nash joked. “And ug, our guy is a year older. Kudos to him for still playing at an incredibly high, historic level at 34.”

“A little cake. It had the number 7 on it. I don’t know if the 3 was supposed to go in front of it or what the age is,” Patty Mills joked. “It only had the 7.”

Did Durant receive any birthday gifts from his teammates? And no, there weren’t any Rolex watches gifted. When the Nets head coach asked if he got anything for Durant, he responded — “No, I did not. I gave him a light practice,” Nash said. “Save the legs. What do you get someone who has everything.”

It can be difficult to give someone a birthday present when just about everything he can have could already be in his hands. Especially for someone who is bordering $500 million in NBA career earnings. For Kyrie Irving, he wants to make sure the gift he gives Durant primarily includes the intention from the heart.

“Not yet. I haven’t gotten him a gift yet. We’ll see. The guy has a lot,” Irving joked. “He’s a humble dude so I’m trying to make sure it’s intentional from the heart.

“Any time you get a chance to work on your birthday, I don’t know enjoyable it is. Happy to share the space with him, and celebrate with him. 34 years of life. It’s good being in a team environment and having some fun today going through training camp.”

Leave it to Mills, who has been around quite a number of birthdays throughout his 13-year NBA career, to deliver the best line of Durant’s birthday practice at HSS Training Facility.

“A cake and having a young boy sing to him, I think that’s enough for the guy.”

Mills also disclosed the team had a nice team meal last night. The guard noted that everyone was in attendance Wednesday night.