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Biggest question mark in the NBA is ‘Will all be well in Brooklyn?’ say ESPN Insiders

Boston Celtics Vs. Brooklyn Nets At Barclays Center Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

No surprise here, not after the end of last season, Ben Simmons back issues, the sweep at the hands of the Celtics in the playoffs and the latest chapters in the KD and Kyrie sagas this summer. Still, ESPN makes it official: the biggest question in the NBA this season is: “Will all be well in Brooklyn?”

The issues surrounding the Nets new “Big Three” take center stage in ESPN Insiders annual list of “big questions.” The list includes other teams’ issues, like the Lakers ability to work with Russell Westbrook after trying to deal him all summer, then supplementing him with Patrick Beverly; and are the Warriors young guys ready to step up . But the Nets questions are just too big to ignore:

Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but the Nets have a few questions hovering over them heading into the season.

Durant remains in the fold — for now — and Brooklyn is confident its offseason drama can give way to winning basketball. The organization has revolved around Durant since the moment he signed three years ago, but it’s unclear whether the relationship will survive the entirety of the season, let alone the four years remaining on his deal.

We have heard next to nothing this summer about Simmons, who will have been out for 16 months when the Nets begin their season in Brooklyn against the New Orleans Pelicans on Oct. 19.

It’s all about the if’s, the insiders note.

More so than just about any NBA team, the Nets are defined by a series of ifs. But if Durant, Irving and Simmons are all available and on the court this season at Barclays Center, the Nets are capable of becoming the title contender they were projected to be in 2021-22.

The Insiders, which include Tim Bontemps and Nick Friedell, also note some of the Nets strengths as well as their questions.

A lineup of Simmons, Durant, Irving, Joe Harris and Seth Curry, while light defensively, could be a devastating offensive unit if Simmons is out there creating open looks. Per Second Spectrum tracking, 371 players have attempted 150 wide-open 3s over the last five seasons. Harris, Curry and Durant all rank in the top four on such attempts.

In other words, we have them where we want them.