Only 1 way to proceed for Joe Tsai

He has to talk to all the players, and assess Marks and Nash through their eyes. It is easy to call KD an a-hole for the bomb he set off for our beloved Nets Organization, but maybe just maybe it is Marks fault. It is not a good thing to let any one player dictate terms, but it is why you need to survey the players to get as much feedback as possible before Joe takes action one way or another.

I also believe there is a Hall of Fame coach that more than likely wants to take 1 more shot at a title run before he retires. Gregg Popovich has a team that is rebuilding in San Antonio and if he wants out, the Spurs would do him that honor for all he has done for them. KD has played for him in the Olympics and has much respect for him. Perhaps, Joe has that out, and maybe Marks does too if KD allows Sean's mentor to replace Nash. It might be the only way for the Nets to save face. October is fast approaching. Joe vs the Volcano 2.