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Despite the rumors, Kevin Durant — and Edmond Sumner — show love to community

It’s not all about rumors and reports. Kevin Durant and Nets newcomer Edmond Sumner took time out of their Tuesday to show love to the community. It was a narrative-free environment.

Durant, who had a busy Tuesday with premiere of “NYC Point Gods,” also appeared at the grand opening of Bro Sis (The Brotherhood Sister Sol’s) rooftop basketball court in Harlem. The court was endowed by the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation. Rich Kleiman and Jose Mena, the director of the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation were also in attendance.

As for Sumner, he traveled to Felician University in New Jersey to surprise more than 30 children who were attending a Nets Basketball Academy summer camp. The new Net spoke to kids about the fundamentals of basketball and the importance of sportsmanship while also participating in various basketball drills. The camp was one of nine total summer camps the Nets Basketball Academy plan to host this summer.

The KDCF has now renovated 17 courts in five countries including four inside the New York city limits. Durant has two others underway in Brooklyn and Harlem. During the course of his career, the foundation has worked on courts in and around Oklahoma City and the Bay Area where he also played.

Durant has often credited Prince Georges County’s government for making courts available around the clock for his success in and out of basketball.

“When I was young, playing basketball was one of the things that kept me out of trouble and kept me focused on my growth and maturity in to the man I would eventually become,” Durant has said.

“For that reason, I’ve always wanted to play a leadership role in communities and neighborhoods – like the one I grew up in – and give kids a chance to choose health, teamwork and basketball over some of the other negative influences they may face.”

Meanwhile, David Duke Jr. released the second episode his Undrafted series on YouTube which featured his basketball camp in Providence where he played college ball.

The episode also includes highlights from the recently concluded Summer League.