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Kyler Korver heads home to Atlanta in latest coaching move

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Dallas Mavericks Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Korver, who played five years in Atlanta and has a residence in the Georgia city, will not return to the Nets. He was a shooting coach in Brooklyn last season but in more of a consultant’s role than full-time coach.

Shams Charania tweeted out the news Tuesday...

His new role has yet to be defined.

Korver who worked mainly at the HSS Training Center won kudos from several Nets players, most recently from Kessler Edwards who told Chris Carrino two weeks ago that he had gotten pointers from Korver on his 3-point form. He had also been seen helping Ben Simmons shot when beat writers were permitted a look inside Nets practices.

It was Korver’s first foray into coaching after a 17-year career in which he set the NBA record for best 3-point shooting percentage for a season, hitting 53.6 percent of his shots from deep in 2009-10. He finished with 2,450 three’s and a career percentage of 42.9 percent, which is 10th best all-time. (Seth Curry and Joe Harris rank Nos. 3 and 4.)

Steve Nash called Korver a “natural teacher” on his hiring last season saying he had helped teammates improve their shooting while still a player.

Korver’s departure is part of a changeover in the larger coaching staff. Steve Clifford, who was a consultant to Steve Nash, left for Charlotte where he is the new head coach. Jordan Ott, who has reputation as a top player development coach, was hired by the Clippers and two members of Nash’s staff, assistant coaches Adam Harrington and David Vanterpool, were not renewed. Harrington’s departure reportedly irked Kevin Durant. The two have been friends since their time in OKC. In addition, Amar’e Stoudemire who had been a player development assistant said he left by mutual consent.

The Nets have added Igor Kokoskov who has been an NBA assistant for 19 years and had a one-year stint as Suns head coach, and promoted two members of the Long Island Nets staff, Adam Caporn and Trevor Hendry, to assistant jobs. Caporn was head coach in Long Island. Before that, he spent seven seasons as head coach of Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence, the country’s leading player development program.

The Nets full-time coaching staff stands at eight, the same as last season. It’s one of the largest, if not the largest, in the NBA.