Take a Deep Breath my Nets Brethren

As a fan who grew up with the ABA NY Nets, as well as a Mets and Vikings fan, I know what this despair feels like. That moment when your fandom gets gutpunched and you feel that brass ring slipping away. There is no worse feeling for a fan than having your team finally put together a championship squad only to see it disappear in a flash. My choice of teams might be even worse if you include my Arizona Coyotes who have never had any contender aspirations going back to the Winnipeg Jets. While a fan, I don't ride or die as I do with my Nets, Mets and Vikings. When I tell you my Nets Brothers and Sisters that life doesn't end, I am telling you with my glass half full of hope for tomorrow.

Don't let Kyrie, KD, Marks,, the Media or any other troll fan get to you. Stay strong, Brooklyn Strong and don't ever lose hope. We will have our day. It might not be today, this year or the next, but it will come. SKOL NETS!