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Stef Dolson talks continuity, improvements, and more at Liberty practice

Minnesota Lynx v New York Liberty Photo by Evan Yu/NBAE via Getty Images

Since the calendar turned to June, things have been looking up for the New York Liberty. They've gone 4-2 this month, have acquitted themselves well against some of the league's best, and have seen their improvements acknowledged in national spaces. Netsdaily attended Liberty practice on Wednesday afternoon and got a chance to talk with starting center, Stefanie Dolson. Here's our conversation:

  • On the team's improvements from May to June

"I just think, building the chemistry. Everyone's had their ups and downs this season, already no matter where they are in the standings. So I think for us, we've got a lot of new parts, a lot of pieces that came late, Marine [Johannes] just getting here, and I think just finding that offensive and defensive chemistry. We've been building it little by little and we still have a lot more room to grow. But we're definitely happy with how we've done in June."

  • On building continuity over time with her teammates

"The more you play with someone, the more you learn their tendencies both offensively and defensively. I think overcommunicating has helped. I know for me, being one of the more new [players], just knowing that constantly I’m telling them what I’m gonna do, where I’m gonna go, if I’m gonna screen, if I’m gonna roll, whatever. So I think just doing that and staying consistent with it. I think that’s helped us grow the most chemistry.”

Minnesota Lynx v New York Liberty Photo by Evan Yu/NBAE via Getty Images

On Han Xu's continued growth:

"I think her biggest thing is finishing. She’s so good at finishing around the rim. I enjoy playing with her because I like to pass. I know when I get in there, I’m always gonna look for her, and I know everyone else is thinking the same thing when Han gets in the game. As long as she keeps it up, keeps finishing around the rim, and being strong, she’s just gonna continue to get better.”

  • On playing with guards like Marine Johannes and Sabrina Ionescu that can break defenses down and create great shots

“As a big who doesn’t create for myself, it’s really important to have guards who can do that and who can get the passes to you at the right time, at the right moment, and deliver a good pass. It’s really, really important. I came from two of the best passers in the league with Candace [Parker] and [Courtney Vandersloot] in Chicago. So to come here and have two other really good passers makes my job easy.”

  • On Unfinished Business and players being able to share their stories and experiences:

“I think it’s really important. For us, that’s our biggest strength when it comes to the fans appreciating us, understanding us, understanding how the league started and where we all come from and the struggles that we go through throughout the entire offseason and throughout the season. We don’t have the dunks and the extraness that the NBA does, but I think for us that’s our best thing is the connection we make with the fans. So having a film like that and having that chance to show that is really important for our team but also for the league going forward.”