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Chronicles of Fake Tampering: Joe Tsai offers Fake Klay Thompson opportunity with Nets

Dawson Gurley is a basketball fan, YouTube personality and someone who, we now know, can pass for Klay Thompson. How do we know?

Because on Monday night, he somehow got past security at the Chase Center in San Francisco, wearing a full Warriors uniform, and participated in early shoot around before being discovered. Being a YouTuber, Gurley posted a video of his success, complete with dramatic music...

He was eventually escorted off the court — after 10 minutes! — and has now been banned not only from Chase Center, but the home of Santa Cruz Warriors, Golden State’s G League team. A lifetime ban no less! In a letter to Gurley, they even reserved the right to prosecute him for criminal trespass! How’d he do it? Gurley has been dressing like Thompson courtside at Warriors games throughout Golden State’s run to six NBA Finals appearances in the last eight years. SB Nation has been chronicling his exploits since 2017.

This time, though, Warriors ownership was not amused.

Joe Tsai, however, was. So, on Tuesday night, he took to Twitter and offered Gurley an opportunity to come to Brooklyn...

And the Nets owner, who was in New York for the premiere of “Unfinished Business” about his Liberty, didn’t stop there, encouraging a promising Joe Harris impersonator...

Gurley responded, “Send your contract agreement over and I’ll sign.” No word, though, from the Warriors, the NBA ... or Harris. Maybe the NBA will fine Tsai a few hundred thousand fake dollars or loss of a fake draft pick for this fake tampering. Or maybe, that Kevin kid can shoot threes? Free agency approaches!

Bottom line: what good is having a great fortune if you can’t have good time?