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Nash: Getting Seth Curry rest is a priority but doesn’t know if it can fix his left ankle soreness

Detroit Pistons v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

There isn’t good news to be had about Seth Curry and his prolonged left ankle soreness.

Prior to Tuesday’s game against the Houston Rockets at Barclays Center, Steve Nash disclosed that Curry’s ankle soreness will be an injury that the guard will likely be dealing with for the remainder of the season …and postseason.

“We’ll see how he responds to these days. Seth is in a tough position because rest will help, but there’s no guarantee that rest is the cure in a three-four-five-six-seven-eight-day stretch. It might be an offseason type thing,” Nash said. “He may be in this state, in this condition, for the remainder of the season.”

The Nets head coach stated that Curry is out Tuesday night to give him an extra day’s rest. The team is hopeful that Curry, who has missed a handful of games due to his left ankle soreness, can play in the second game of the back-to-back against the New York Knicks Wednesday night.

“We’re hopeful he plays tomorrow. It’s just an extra day's rest. It’s a back-to-back so if he was going to play in one of these games, it probably makes more sense to give him an extra day of rest to recover to play tomorrow,” Nash said. “We’ll see.”

Milwaukee Bucks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

After Brooklyn’s win against the Portland Trail Blazers on March 18, Curry admitted that he has been playing through the bummed ankle pain, disclosing that the injury will likely need to be further evaluated in the offseason.

“I was dealing with it probably a month before the trade. It’s been a while,” Curry said. “Just something I’m going to have to manage and deal with until the offseason.”

Including Tuesday night’s game against the Rockets, the Nets only have four regular season games remaining before competing in the Play-In Tournament on April 12. The Nets head coach said Goran Dragic (health and safety protocols) is still isolated in Atlanta, and there is no update on when he will rejoin the team.

In terms of Curry and how the team plans on navigating his left ankle soreness, the Nets head coach knows it will be an injury he’ll have to play through but giving the guard more rest days is a priority. Although rest days can help Curry’s left ankle soreness, Nash admitted he doesn’t believe it can patch the soreness.

“Trying to find him rest is definitely a priority for us but also knowing that if we rest him, it doesn’t mean that he comes back and plays one game and it’s all gone. It might be right back to where he started. It is a little bit tricky just to hold him out indefinitely to try to believe that he’s going to be healed. That’s not what we believe,” Nash said. “He’s going to be fighting through this a little bit the rest of the way.”