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Nash seems to hint he’ll have Kessler Edwards in post-season

Detroit Pistons v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

A week from today, at 3:00 pm, teams headed into the post-season must file their final rosters with the league office ... 15 players, no two-ways.

That would seem to rule out Kessler Edwards making the playoffs. Although signed as a two-way after being drafted at No. 44, Edwards has been a mainstay for Brooklyn all season. He’s played in 44 games, starting half of them. He’s averaging nearly six points, three rebounds and shooting 42/37/81.

But in answer to a question from Alex Schiffer, Steve Nash adopted a “you never know” attitude...

How might that work? It’s a bit of a mystery. Under the two-way rules amended before the season, two-ways can’t play in the post-season (unlike last year.) Unless Nash has inside information on some last-minute change in the rules, that would suggest one of the players currently on the roster would have to waived or retire. But Nash also said he expects Nets to have the same roster in the post-season.

Whether Edwards is upgraded to a standard deal for the rest of this season or his season ends next week, he’ll be a restricted free agent in the summer.