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Steve Nash: Ben Simmons still ‘has a lot of milestones to reach’

Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

For Ben Simmons, nothing much has changed. More importantly, there are still “a lot of milestones to reach,” said his head coach Sunday afternoon.

The Brooklyn Nets released a video from Saturday’s practice which included bits of Simmons shooting and doing a little bit of movement on the HSS Training Facility hardwood.

In Steve Nash’s latest update on Simmons — the first update since he disclosed the 25-year-old was doing some “light shooting,” he said his rehab is still focused on “1-on-0” activity. Overall, there are a lot of benchmarks Simmons will need to hit before moving the needle on a potential return in the postseason.

“He’s doing a little bit of movement, still 1-on-0 stuff. He’s still got a lot of milestones to reach, but it’s positive,” Nash said. “He’s moving around a little bit.”

Outside of his prolonged lower back rehab, Nash added that Simmons remains in good spirits and is “encouraged” throughout the extended process of getting back on the court.

“I think he looks really positive, happy, encouraged,” Nash said. “He’s just working away at his rehab.”

During pregame warmups Sunday afternoon, Simmons participated in minor shooting drills with assistant coach, Ryan Forehan-Kelly.