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Brooklyn Brigade gets GMA gig ... and chance to chant

Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee, 2021 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals Set Number: X163667 TK1

Sometimes, a single idea can change a narrative. For the Nets, the single idea was that there was a great untapped reserve of Brooklyn fandom, that the old narrative — the Nets had no fans (or worse that they were all hipsters!) — was dead wrong.

Bobby Edemeka, as has been reported by us and others, countered that narrative with his idea for an organic group of fans, the Brooklyn Brigade, that would cheer ... and live and die with their Nets.

The Brigade, now in their 10th season, has received a lot of accolades over the years, including shoutouts from the best player in basketball. And on Wednesday, they got even more recognition, a segment on Good Morning America, ABC’s national morning news show...

Bobby and his three triplet brothers — David, Donald and Dennis — took questions on the Nets post-season prospects from Michael Strahan who agreed that with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, all things are possible. They even got a chance to chant. “Broook-lyn” although they were a little hoarse after Tuesday’s win over Detroit.

To make things even more Netsy Wednesday, the segment came after an interview with Ethan Hawke, the Nets biggest celebrity fans (after Bobby, that is.)