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Big Nets welcome to Ben Simmons and his fiancée

At every press conference where he introduces draft picks, free agents and players acquired in trade, Sean Marks opens his remarks by welcoming their families ... by name. It’s part of the culture the organization has tried to imbue.

And then there’s what might be called the care packages sent to families and significant others. Maya Jama, Ben Simmons’ fiancée, is a British TV presenter, actress and model. A day after the trade, she posted this...

Of course, Simmons got his own gear and the two celebrated their new digs and gear Sunday...

No word about when Simmons will join the Nets on the court or meet the media, but he is in Brooklyn ... and “liking” virtually every Nets post on Instagram.

Quite the welcome and a marked contrast to how the Sixers and their fans treated him — and tweeted at him in the past few days. But that’s a whole different story.