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Ben Simmons, Yuta Watanabe out for multiple games

NBA: Orlando Magic at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In updating the team’s injury report Wednesday afternoon, the Nets disclosed that both Ben Simmons and Yuta Watanabe will be out of multiple games, Simmons with a muscle strain in his left leg and Watanabe with a left hamstring strain.

Here’s the statement...

Jacque Vaughn in his pre-game discussion with beat writers noted that Simmons absence could be longer than three games. “We’ll see where he is after three games,” said the head coach.

“He’s out the next three games, and that’s where we are. And then we’ll get to a point where we’ll take a look at him after that. What ended up being an upper calf strain, we’ll see where he’s at after these three games that he’ll miss.”

What happened? “Yeah, so it’s the knee but the back of the knee. So he was grabbing his knee during the game and said he needed to come out, it ended up being the back of the knee—so it’s the upper part of the calf—which ended up being diagnosis after we took some imagery.”

Simmons has missed five games and will miss Wednesday’s game vs. Washington.