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NBA Live Thread: Brooklyn Nets vs. New Orleans Pelicans, 7:30 PM EST

New Orleans Pelicans v Miami Heat Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

And just like that, we’re back. The Brooklyn Nets tip off the 2022-23 regular season on Wednesday night against (the return of...) Zion Williamson and his New Orleans Pelicans colleagues.

Zion will look to bounce back from what was a lost season due to injury and return to his MVP-caliber form. There are lots of optimistic folks who are looking forward to seeing Zion shake rims and take his game to the next level; a level of which could put him at or near the top of the chase for the scoring title.

One of those people signing Zion’s praises is none other than Kevin Durant, referring to him as a “one-of-one” type of player.

Durant and team will get an up close look at the potentially new and improved Zion tonight when they lace up at the home/season opener.

The optimism tank is full, my friends! The road to the 2022-23 NBA Title starts TONIGHT!!!

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (0-0) vs. New Orleans Pelicans (0-0)


WHERE: YES (tv), WFAN-FM (radio)

Game Preview:

For the Pelicans, it’s big game for the most obvious reason: Zion Williamson is back after missing all of last season. The franchise savior has been hurt through much of his three-year career. He’s played only 85 games out of 226 games since being drafted No. 1 in 2019. Then again, he is still only 22 and that combination of athleticism and raw power is exhausting for opposing teams. More on him later.

The game is also a chance for the Pelicans to get a look at their young “Big Three” of Williamson, Brandon Ingram and C.J. McCallum. It will be their first game together just as it will be for KD, Kyrie and Ben10. And we haven’t even spoken of Jonas Valanciunas who has a history of making Nets fans very unhappy.

One fun match-up we expect to see a lot of: New Orleans defensive ace Herb Jones vs. Durant. Ingram will also be the first of many players the Nets face who were mentioned in trade talks for KD.

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