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Deadlines and Commitments: Ready, set, go edition

With one day remaining in the preseason, here’s the key dates for the season ahead, from player guarantees to trade deadlines to play-in tournament and opening night of the post-season. Put in on your refrigerator or in your calendar. Dates marked with asterisk aren’t official yet.


October 18 - Edmond Sumner contract is guaranteed at $500,000 if he makes Opening Night roster. He was originally guaranteed $250,000 on signing in July. Deal becomes fully guaranteed on January 10.

October 18 - Markieff Morris contract is guaranteed $500,000. Deal becomes fully guaranteed on January 10.

October 19 - Nets open 2022-23 regular season vs. the Pelicans at Barclays Center

October 22 - G League Draft. Long Island has the 19th, 38th and 57th picks.

October 24* - G League training camps open.

November 1 - First of the “10 Years in Brooklyn” celebration games, vs. the Bulls. Fans will receive special giveaways.

November 4 - G League opening night with Showcase Cup games. Long Island Nets face College Park Skyhawks, the Hawks affiliate, on road.

November 9 - First Nets-Knicks game at Barclays Center.

November 13 - Long Island Nets opening night at Nassau Coliseum vs. Maine Celtics.

November 22 - Ben Simmons returns to Philadelphia. He will not be alone.

November 25 - T.J. Warren and Edmond Sumner return to Indiana.

December 3 - Nets host Eastern Conference Champion Boston Celtics. Blake Griffin returns to Brooklyn.

December 15 - Deadline for NBA owners and players to decide whether to immediately open CBA negotiations or wait a year. Either side can opt in.

December 15 - First day that T.J. Warren, Edmond Sumner, Patty Mills, Kessler Edwards (signed in off-season) and Royce O’Neale (trade) can be traded.

December 21 - Nets host NBA champion Golden State Warriors.

December 27 - Long Island Nets open regular season.

January 5 - Teams can sign 10-day deals assuming they have roster space. Such deals can be extended for a second 10 days.

January 10 - All partial and non-guaranteed contracts are extended for full season unless player is waived. For Nets, that applies to Markieff Morris, Edmond Sumner, both partially guaranteed, and Yuta Watanabe who is non-guaranteed.

January 10 - The Nets taxpayers MLE becomes pro-rated. Prior to this date, the Nets can sign a player to the full $6.5 million. The amount drops through June 30 when it expires.

January 15 - First day Nic Claxton can be traded. It’s later than other off-season signings because he re-signed with the Nets, his previous team, in the offseason and got a raise of at least 20 percent.

January 20 - NBA Two-Way contracts are guaranteed for the remainder of the season. That will effect David Duke Jr. and Alondes Williams.

January 30 - Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James play Nets at Barclays Center. If both are healthy, it will be the first match-up between James and Kevin Durant since Christmas 2018.

February 10 - The $2.5 million Traded Player Exception generated by the James Harden trade expires. The TPE had been $11.3 million but Nets used most of it in trade for Royce O’Neale.

February 10 - The Nets $1.7 million Traded Player Exception generated by the Paul Millsap element of the 76ers trade expires.

February 11 - James Harden returns to Barclays Center with 76ers.

February 13 - First Nets-Knicks game at Madison Square Garden,

February 17-19 - NBA All-Star Weekend 2023 (Salt Lake City, UT).

February 23* - NBA trade deadline, 3:00 p.m. ET.

March 19 - Bruce Brown returns to Brooklyn with Denver Nuggets.

March 25 - Long Island Nets conclude G League season at Rio Grande Valley.

April 4 - Michael Grady returns to Brooklyn with Minnesota Timberwolves.

April 9 - Regular season ends with 76ers facing Nets at Barclays Center

April 11-14 - NBA Play-In Tournament

—April 15 - Start of NBA Playoffs