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DeAndre’ Bembry gets his deal guaranteed ... looking for more

Brooklyn Nets v Indiana Pacers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

When the clock struck 5 p.m. Friday, two Nets on non-guaranteed deals became full guaranteed. DeAndre’ Bembry is now guaranteed at the league minimum. And although there was no announcement, it appears that Duke has also passed the milestone as a two-way player. Duke in fact started Friday’s game vs. the Bucks, scoring the first basket of the game for Brooklyn.

All NBA players on non- or partially guaranteed deals get a full deal if they’re still on the roster at 5 p.m.

Michael Scotto of Hoopshype broke the news of Bembry’s change-in-status.

Bembry was signed in August. His contract was guaranteed for $750,000, increasing to $1.25 million on December 15, then fully guaranteed on Fridday’s league-wide date

In talking with the Kristian Bembry, Bembry made it clear he thinks he’s worth more than what his contract says. His off-season deal with the Nets was his second straight non-guaranteed contract. Last season, he had a similar deal with the Raptors.

“Just going out there and playing with heart and passion, aggressiveness,” he told the Daily News on Friday. “I’m the dog of this team for sure. We’ve got a bunch of dogs, but they know I’m the dog of this team...

“I’m not the one to just sit there and think about the contract. I’m thankful for these opportunities as always,” Bembry said. “But like I said, (I’m) looking forward to the next opportunity. I want more and feel like I deserve more, and I’m definitely gonna go out there and take it.”

Bembry, at 28, is having his best year as a pro as Scotto’s tweet noted and he’s likely to make more money next season whether with Brooklyn or not. It’s not all stats either as Winfield quoted Nash after the win over Indiana.

“He was almost flawless — energy, defensively he was great no matter who his matchup was,” Nash said. “He’s played well for us this year. He didn’t deserve to not be in the rotation. We just have to try different things with everybody back, and when we called him he was ready and he came out and competed and was rewarded for it.”

Bembry has the backing of another Net player who shares his high school alma mater, Kyrie Irving.

“I’m sure he had an idea that he was going to be down on the bench, and then he came in and made that big change,” Irving said of Bembry, both St. Patrick’s H.S. alums. “When you have that type of resilience in you, it shouldn’t matter. He’s been doing it for quite a while.”