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That call against Kessler Edwards late in the fourth? It was indeed ‘incorrect,’ says L2M report

Brooklyn Nets v Golden State Warriors Photo by Kavin Mistry/Getty Images

It was a superstar vs. rookie match-up and the superstar usually gets the calls, particularly at home late in game. That’s what happened with 1:44 left in the fourth of the Nets-Warriors game when Kessler Edwards was called for a personal foul on Steph Curry even though a lot of people — including the ABC Sports crew — thought it was an egregious call. Steve Nash didn’t challenge the crucial call.

As it turns out, the call was indeed wrong. The NBA’s L2M report noted Sunday that Edwards was on the receiving end of an “incorrect foul call” on Curry. Here’s the video... and the commentary from the ABC crew...

Specifically, the report indicates the Warriors guard “abnormally and overtly launched” into Edwards to create contact as he passed.

As Jeff Van Gundy can be heard saying after the call, what Curry did was precisely what the league and its refs have been prioritizing this season. No matter. Curry is a superstar and gets calls ... at home and late in the game.

Now, there were will be second thoughts, second guessing — and more — about why Nash didn’t challenge the call. Indeed, the final two minutes of play included a pair of controversial foul calls by the officials leaving many fans questioning why Brooklyn’s coaching staff didn’t spark the green light and challenge.

Most of that criticism and questions posed to Nash Saturday night were about a later call in which Kyrie Irving was called for a foul on Klay Thompson with 05.8 seconds. The league report said that was a correct call.

Nash said post-game of the later decision that he didn’t challenge because a “little bird” — presumably one of the game’s refs — indicated that a challenge would be futile ... and the Nets would have lost their last timeout. Irving agreed with his coach’s assessment.

The depleted Nets came close to stealing a 19-point comeback win against the Warriors in San Francisco Saturday night, but fell just short, making the L2M Report even more of an issue.