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UPDATE: James Harden out, dealing with ‘irritated’ right hand strain

Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Michelle Farsi/Getty Images

Only an hour before Saturday night’s game against the Warriors in Golden State, the Nets revealed that James Harden was “questionable” to play with a right hand strain then minutes later, declared the superstar out. An “irritated” hand injury that has been bothering the Nets superstar for a few days, said Steve Nash. Harden began to feel the irritation, not further described, Saturday morning.

“James’ hand has been bothering him for a few days at least. He thought it was nothing, and then it really flared up this morning when he woke up,” said Nash on Harden’s hand. “Obviously irritated with what he was feeling yesterday, and then this morning he woke up with some irritation. We had a scan and I think what we’re calling is a hand strain from the doctor. Unfortunate. I believe he’s a game-time decision. They’re going to continue to analyze and see if he can go.”

The MRI scan on his right hand disclosed no severe damage. When asked when the injury occurred, Nash said he believes the irritation began to flare up after Harden finished shooting and lifting exercises Saturday in San Francisco.

“Clean of the bad stuff, but a strain for sure,” Nash said. “There’s stuff on the MRI, so he’s feeling something. Feeling the strain and as I said, it’s been bothering him. He said ‘eh, it’s nothing.’ Now, it’s a little more than nothing.”

“It’s probably outside of my jurisdiction to say, but what it seems like is a few days, and then shooting and lifting yesterday flared it up,” the Nets head coach said. “He doesn’t remember an event, but the scan shows the irritation, the strain, and he’s said he’s had it for a number of days. The deduction would be he must have irritated it from shooting and lifting yesterday.”

Before dealing with a right hand strain, Harden was overcoming right hamstring tightness which resulted in him missing the Nets 124-118 defeat to the Nuggets Wednesday night in Denver. The Nets head coach believes his superstar guard is past the hamstring tightness.

“Yesterday, he worked out and felt great. The hammy, I believe is resolved,” said Nash on Harden’s hamstring tightness.