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Scouting New Nets: Paul Millsap Edition

For the third and final edition of this video preview series, Matt Brooks breaks down newcomer big man, Paul Millsap.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets-Media Day Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

For the third and final edition of the video series “Scouting New Nets,” which takes a look at Brooklyn’s biggest offseason acquisitions, I sifted through Paul Millsap’s film in Denver to discover what the veteran big man has left in the tank. It turns out, a lot!

In fact, he could end up being one of the bigger steals in free agency.


0:26 Scoring — Paul Millsap profiles as a pick-and-pop big man, exactly the type of forward/center that fits into Brooklyn’s five-out offense. While he doesn’t present the same rolling abilities as his predecessor, Jeff Green, he’s much more able at posting up smaller players on pick-and-roll switches. Also, he’s got himself a nifty right-handed floater.

4:47 Offense — As a passer, Millsap grades out as a positive, though he doesn’t necessarily throw out extremely high-level reads. With a solid handle for his size and great screening capabilities, these three skills work hand-in-hand(-in-hand) to produce apt dribble-handoff creativity.

5:10 Defense — Millsap was used in a “hedge and recover” pick-and-roll coverage as a Denver Nugget, and his biggest struggles were with recovering back to his original assignment. As such, it’s easy to picture him doing a perfunctory job in Brooklyn’s switch-everything scheme. As an off-ball defender, he’s attentive with “shading” help. Oh, and he’s a sturdy rebounder as well.


Paul Millsap was my favorite Nets free agent signing of the offseason, period, and that includes any of the returning guys. If all goes right, he’ll fit like a hand-in-glove into Brooklyn’s schemes. In fact, the Nets could very well be the perfect fit for him.