Cut It Out, Kyrie!

I have defended Kyrie Irving on this site, especially when I felt he was taking a principled position. Mr. Irving has done a great deal of charitable and humanitarian work out of a sense of concern and caring that has been a key component of his life. It is therefore incumbent on me to voice my thoughts regarding the latest farrago of conspiracy theory, illogic and undue privacy claims he spouted during his separate media event on Monday, September 27.

Let me start by stating I believe Kyrie has an egomaniacal personality type. I am not a trained psychologist or psychiatrist, nor even a licensed therapist, but I rather suspect most will at least concede that is a strong likelihood. Accepting this premise allows us to put into perspective the absolutely non-sensical drivel he offered when repeatedly questioned about his vaccination status, specifically in context with the New York City local ordinance requiring any business operating a large venue ensure that anyone who works at such venue have at least the first shot of vaccine.

First, let me address the conspiracy theory component. Mr. Irving has endorsed a social media post that claims the vaccine is a vehicle for putting microchips into our bodies, specifically black-Americans’ bodies. Historically, this country has a great deal to answer for as to the dignity, integrity and respect for black bodies. Police violence, slavery and the amoral experiments conducted on the Tuskegee Airmen are just a few examples. The problem with this particular misfire is the presumption that doses have been so carefully thought out that the "non-microchip" shots were seamlessly matched up with non-black bodies. That, of course, is a planning non-starter.

The first point leads into the second point. Not only does th3 conspiracy theory make no sense, there is no logic behind how it would possibly be completed. Further, Kyrie seems to support a conspiracy theory, but instead of defending his stance, he hides behind a shield of privacy. So, even if he is given a pass on the failure to explicate his conspiracy theory, he fails to recognize that his vaccine status is not, in fact, a matter of privacy.

this, of course, begets the third part of my thesis, if you will. Should he not get vaccinated, he will not be allowed on the court, or even in the arena, when the Nets play in Brooklyn or Manhattan. The team will not be allowed to lie about his status, so any absence, presuming he is not injured, will correctly be determined to be the result of his not being vaccinated. There can be no privacy issue because by dint of his contract and the local ordinance, we will know if he is vaccinated.

I am a bit flummoxed as to what Mr. Irving was thinking. I suggest that his craving for attention and some sense of control have led him to this ridiculous posture. For those who repeat the syllogism that Kyrie is smart because he is thoughtful, I ask that you rethink that conclusion. He has proven himself to be a bit of a buffoon, as well as a selfish person. I am more than disappointed in his thinking and actions.