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David Letterman tries trolling Kevin Durant!?! Yeah, that happened today too

@meanbarb (Barbara Barker)

We still know who Kevin Durant is. David Letterman? Uh, not so much.

Letterman, sporting a face mask over a flowing white beard, was for some still unexplained reason seated at the back of the press room at Barclays Center for Monday’s Media Day. The 74-year-old late night legend identified himself as “Dave from Basketball Digest” and began peppering Kevin Durant with questions that seemed, well, a bit bizarre.

Here’s a snippet recorded by the Nets official website...

Letterman’s first question: “Why do people call you ‘KD’?”

Durant, his eyes tightening in a questioning squint, patiently explained that his first name begins with a “K” and his last with a “D”. That out of the way, Letterman moved on.

There was a question of how much Durant will give this season with a multiple choice answer. KD chose “110 percent.”

Then it got professionally weird. Letterman apparently playing for a knowing laugh said he just spoken with “Dolan Family” about a deal that would (finally) get him to the Garden.

“I just got off the phone with the Dolan family, and they said they’re talking to the commissioner now. They’re looking to work a contractual deal that will allow you, when you’re not playing for the Nets, days off, you’ll be able to play for the Knicks,” he said and preceded to ask Durant for “comments.”

The Nets superstar, who had already answered questions about Kyrie Irving’s absence, seemed to have had enough. “All right Dave, that was the last one.”

Letterman did elicit one laugh from Durant when he asked, “When you guys play the Pelicans, does it kind of make you giggle?”

At that point, Letterman made for the exit accompanied by someone who might have been his producer, saying he was being told to “wrap it up” and that “my time is done.” Then he disappeared but Durant had the last word. With a smile, he said, “they’ll let anyone in here!”

Later, Ryan Ruocco and Sarah Kustok congratulated KD on keeping a straight face.

Later when Blake Griffin took to the podium, he was stunned to learn that the man in hallway he thought might be, could be David Letterman was indeed David Letterman.

Will this air anywhere but on the Internet? Was David Letterman attempted trolling the Nets of interest to a wider audience? It’s a whole new NetsWorld.