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Shams and Schiffer: Nets, DeAndre Jordan working on buyout but no final decision

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2021 NBA Playoffs - Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks

In his weekly “Inside Pass,” Shams Charania — along with Alex Schiffer — report that the Nets and DeAndre Jordan are “working toward parting ways via contract buyout.”

Center DeAndre Jordan and the Nets are working toward parting ways via contract buyout, sources tell me and Alex Schiffer. Jordan is increasingly unlikely to be part of the organization moving forward, but the sides have not made a final decision. Jordan did not appear in the Nets’ last 16 games of the 2020-21 season and playoffs.

In addition, Shams reports that the Nets, Warriors, Bulls and Clippers are interested in signing Paul Millsap.

Along with Brooklyn and Golden State, the Bulls are pursuing free-agent forward Paul Millsap, sources said. Millsap, a battle-tested 15-year NBA veteran, finished a four-year stint in Denver in which the Nuggets had a 64.7 percent winning percentage and reached the Western Conference finals in 2020. At 35, Millsap’s steal and block rates per 36 minutes were in line with his career average, and last season, his 56.5 percent true shooting percentage was around his career average.

In Brooklyn, Millsap would compete for a starting power forward role alongside Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden...

The Clippers are expressing interest in Millsap as well, sources said.

Rumors of an impending buyout of Jordan have been floated in recent days, with more than one NBA writer suggesting that Jordan could be headed to the Lakers. DJ lives in Malibu during the off-season.

Two days ago, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne suggested the Lakers might be interested in DJ but added she didn’t think anything was imminent.

“I think they’d be open to one more center,” she said of the Lakers. “A Dwight Howard JaVale McKee type. Another candidate who I think you should watch — and this is another one that would be a bit harder to see how this is going to happen okay? — is Andre Jordan in Brooklyn.

“They are WAY OVER the luxury tax. I don’t think he’d do a buyout there. I think if he doesn’t play at all or depending on how he fits there, this would a mid season sort of thing probably,” she added.

Not long after the Shams report, Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report also suggested Jordan may wind up with L.A.

Normally, buyouts result in a player giving up between a quarter to a third of what they’re owed in return for their freedom. The 33-year-old is owed $19.7 million over the next two seasons, $9.9 million of it in 2021-22. A buyout would have little effect on the Nets salary cap and luxury tax issues but it would provide the Nets with another roster spot.

Brooklyn has been trying to dump DJ’s contract since at least the NBA Draft, reportedly offering one or both of their first rounders in deals that never materialized. Jordan, of course, is close with both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, both of whom agreed to take less money so that he could be included in the “Clean Sweep” free agency signings in July 2019.

Millsap’s situation remains tricky. The Nets have only the vets’ minimum to offer the 36-year-old who played last season for the Nuggets. He reportedly wants more. Brian Lewis, who broke the story about Brooklyn being interested in Isaiah Hartenstein, seemed to pour cold water on the possibility.

“The Athletic also reported Brooklyn was interested in signing Paul Millsap, although sources have indicated that move is unlikely,” wrote Lewis.