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Nets to offer veterans a ‘bridge’ from military to business

In a previous life, Nets and BSE Global CEO John Abbamondi served nine years as a U.S. Navy weapons officer, flying the EA-6B carrier-based electronic warfare aircraft. He’s also two-time recipient of the Navy Air Medal with 40 combat missions over Iraq.

On September 11, 2001, while stationed in New York, he was given an assignment both dreadful and and honored: informing next-of-kin that their loved one had been killed earlier that day in Al Qaeda’s attack on the Pentagon.

Not long after, Abbamondi began his career in sports management, having worked in baseball and basketball, both as an assistant GM and CEO. But as he wrote Tuesday for Sportico, the military left its mark on him as a manager.

“The military places young men and women into high-pressure situations, where they learn to be dependable and to depend on their teammates, in order to accomplish difficult objectives,” said Abbamondi. “That sense of shared purpose, accountability and a commitment to excellence is why our armed forces are the best in the world.”

So, he’s announced that BSE Global is combining with the Pentagon’s SkillBridge program—an internship platform for transitioning service members.

SkillBridge provides service members with a chance to gain civilian industry experience through training, apprenticeships or internships during their last 180 days of service—all while continuing to receive their military pay and benefits.

For service members, SkillBridge provides an invaluable opportunity to work and learn in civilian career fields. For industry partners like us, SkillBridge helps companies access one of the world’s most highly trained, motivated and diverse workforces at no cost.

Abbamondi added that BSE’s SkillBridge program will launch in September, in honor of the 20th anniversary of 9/11. It will work in partnership with the NYC Department of Veterans’ Services. SkillBridge employers can get started here.