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Live Open Thread: NBA Free Agency has officially begun

Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images

NBA free agency has officially begun. Rumors and speculation be damned, it’s time for some actual NBA news to fall onto our laps.

Who are the Nets chasing? Where will former Nets wind up? What’s the deal with airplane food?

Some of these questions will be answered sooner, if not later.

For the Nets, the big question is what ultimately happens with Spencer Dinwiddie? It’s more likely that there’s a sign and trade than it is that Dinwiddie is brought back, but, hey you never know.

The hot spot for Dinwiddie seems to be Washington, at the moment. In return would be a deal possibly centered around Kyle Kuzma.

As always, Bob and team have you covered with a Day 1 primer. Lots of names in there, and some speculation around what the Nets might do with their own free agents, as well as the possibility of DeAndre Jordan getting moved.

Literally, anything is possible.

Except for the team moving on from the Big Three. BUT, anything else.

So, what are your predictions when it comes to your Nets and the NBA at large?