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Kevin Durant: ‘I should be a 99’ in NBA2K

Men’s Basketball Medal Ceremony: Day 15 Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The NBA 2K22 ratings are out and as always, there’s controversy, this time generated by Kevin Durant wondering if he was disrespected. Durant, one of the faces of the video game, was given a rating of 96, along with Giannis Antetokounmpo, LeBron James and Steph Curry ... the highest rating in the game this year.

But KD thinks he should be a 99 ... and who are we to argue?

“I work extremely hard,” said Durant, who was also a 96 overall last year. “I pretty much do everything great. That’s why I should be a 99.”

The Nets official site chimed in... saying it couldn’t detect any lies.

Later, LeBron James agreed!

Durant, of course, only played 35 regular games last season, the least of the injury-plagued “Big Three.” But he followed that with a stunning post-season performance, playing 40 or more minutes in six of the seven games in the Bucks series when he played every minute of Games 6 and 7. He averaged 35.4 points and 10.5 rebounds in that series. He then was MVP of the Olympics, winning the gold medal. Durant signed a four-year extension with the Nets earlier this month.

In fact, later Wednesday, Grant Hill, now head of USA Basketball, called the Nets forward “ the best offensive player maybe of all time”.

“What is encouraging is that we had the best offensive player, maybe of all time, wanting to be a part of it, along with a lot of our best young guys wanting to be a part of it,” Hill told in his first interview since taking over the position previously held by Jerry Colangelo. “I do believe there is a widespread excitement and desire to be a part of it.”

In the rankings released so far, James Harden was given a 94 rating, ninth highest

Harden did not react well to his ranking either, finding it hilarious...

The only active NBA players to be awarded a 99 were Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and LeBron James. O’Neal was the only 100.