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Kevin Durant defends tweets with fans after report Steve Kerr wanted him to lay off

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2019 NBA All-Star Practice and Media Availability Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Kevin Durant took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend his use of Twitter.

In response to a report out of Matt Sullivan’s book that Steve Kerr wanted him to lay off Twitter, KD responded that “interacting with basketball fans, it should be encouraged.”

Specifically, in an interview with Dan Le Batard and in his book, “Can’t Knock the Hustle,” Sullivan related the story of how Kerr took Durant aside while he was playing for the Warriors. He wanted Durant to lay off Twitter, stop “beefing with kids,” stop “staring at that phone.”

Kerr began the lesson: “You know what I respect about LeBron? I respect that after he got to Miami, he got sick of the narratives. Sick of the haters. All the talk. So you know what he did?”

“What’s that?” KD asked.

Kerr paused for impact. “LeBron just said, Fuck it. And then he was great again. Some with Michael, With Kobe. All the greats. First they had to say, Fuck it. And then, they were on that same level. So you know what you have to do?

“What’s that, Coach?” KD asked.

“Go out and be you. You gotta just say, Fuck it, like LeBron did.”

Sullivan said that Kerr “failed” in his effort and that Durant continues his tweeting with all manner of NBA types, from fans to media to former players.

When the conversation with Kerr was recounted by others on Twitter Tuesday, KD responded, in effect confirming it had taken place...

Indeed, Durant has been very active on Twitter of late, taking issue with comments made by Scottie Pippen, Jackie MacMullan and Jay Williams. As KD said back in March, don’t expect him to change. It’s part of his persona ... and part of player empowerment.