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Begley: Nets talk pick swaps, trades with Mavs, Lakers, Pelicans

2021 NBA Playoffs - Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks

SNY’s Ian Begley reported Wednesday that the Nets are talking with several teams about both a swap of picks in the first round Wednesday and a possible salary dump involving DeAndre Jordan’s contract which has two years and $19.7 million left. Any Nets package would be centered on Landry Shamet, per Begley.

The Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers are among the teams interested in trading for Brooklyn’s Landry Shamet ahead of Thursday’s draft, per SNY sources.

Several teams have communicated with the Nets about possible trades for Shamet. Most of those scenarios involve the Nets receiving the team’s first-round pick.

The Pelicans, owners of the No. 17 pick, also have been interested in Shamet, per sources.

In addition to Shamet, teams have also had conversations with Brooklyn about trades involving DeAndre Jordan, sources confirm.

One of those discussions was around a three-team trade, sources said, but it’s unclear if there had been any traction in those talks.

Begley joins Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report in suggesting the Nets are dangling the 24-year-old Shamet. In fact, later Wednesday, Fisher tweeted out that the Nets would like to move DJ...

Three nights ago, in his draft preview, Adrian Wojnarowski raised the issue of whether the Nets want to pay Shamet who’s on his rookie deal and eligible for an extension this off-season. “Can they pay Landry Shamet who’s extension eligible?” Woj asked.

The Mavericks as Begley notes do not have a first round pick in this draft, having traded it to the Knicks for Kristaps Porzingis. But Dallas does have firsts in 2022 as well as 2024 through 2028. The Nets firsts are tied up from 2022 through 2027 because of last year’s trade with the Rockets for James Harden.

Begley suggests that a pick swap this year would be the more “straightforward” route for the Nets to go. The Pelicans have the 17th pick and the Lakers the 22nd. While using the 27th pick and Shamet alone might get them the 22nd pick, going from 27 to 17 using Shamet as a sweetener seems a stretch unless other pieces or other teams are involved. The Pelicans are reportedly interested in Spencer Dinwiddie assuming that they fall short, as expected, in the Kyle Lowry sweepstakes and decline to match an offer sheet on Lonzo Ball, which is also expected.

Why would the Nets want to move up? They may be interested in a prospect who they believe will be long gone before the 27th pick. It’s also possible that a team willing to take on Jordan would want a pick higher than No. 27. Jordan didn’t play a minute after May 8 either in the regular season or playoffs.

The Nets have made a trade every year within 48 hours of the Draft during Sean Marks’ tenure as GM, including trading Thaddeus Young for the rights to Caris LeVert in 2016, trading Brook Lopez and rights to Kyle Kuzma for D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov in 2017 and last year’s three-way trade that brought them Shamet and Bruce Brown.