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RUMOR ROUND-UP: As Draft approaches, it’s getting interesting out there

One thing we know for sure: Sean Marks is on the phone. Everything else? Not so much.

With two days left before the NBA Draft — and traditionally the biggest trade day of the year — rumors are flying, from the Nets losing a key player to reports about the futures of Spencer Dinwiddie and Landry Shamet.

Jake Fisher of Bleacher Report had a couple of big rumors about the Nets trying to move up in the Draft ... and the team losing its respected capologist.

Specifically, Fisher reported that the Nets are offering Landry Shamet as a way of getting higher than No. 27 in the first round. Shamet is still on his rookie contract and came to the Nets a year ago in the three-way trade that also produced Bruce Brown.

Houston (Nos. 23, 24) and New York (Nos. 19, 21) have continued their efforts searching to jump into the teens, while Brooklyn also appears active in talks to move up from No. 27, with the Nets offering sharpshooting guard Landry Shamet, sources said. Would a team like Indiana be willing to drop so far back?

For the record, the current draft order starting with the Pacers: No. 18, Indiana; No. 19, New York; No. 20, Atlanta; No. 21, New York’ No 22, L.A. Lakers; No. 23, Houston; No. 24, Houston; No. 25, L.A. Clippers and No. 26, Denver. The Lakers are reportedly willing to move down a few spots, ESPN’s Jonathan Givony reported, to save space.

The question is how real is the rumor, particularly specific to Shamet? Teams often engage in a wide variety of talks in the days leading up to the Draft, with both sides of a conversation throwing names out without actually engaging in negotiations. Teams will also bring up players in conversation to guage what their value is on the open market.

However, in his discussion with Zach Lowe two nights ago, Adrian Wojnarowski raised the issue of whether the Nets want to pay Shamet who’s eligible for an extension this off-season. “Can they pay Landry Shamet who’s extension eligible?” Woj asked. He did

Do the Nets want to move up? There have been other indicators that the Nets want to move up and that might suggest they’re targeting someone specific who they feel won’t be around at 27. It also suggests that reports the Nets plan to keep the first rounder are accurate.

Fisher also reported that the Nets are losing one of their most respected executives, capologist Andrew Baker who was key to wedging the contracts of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan in the Nets cap space at the time of the “Clean Sweep.”

[I]n front-office news, after it was heavily rumored that Dallas was targeting a CBA-minded lieutenant to join new president of basketball operations Nico Harrison, the Mavericks have hired Brooklyn Nets official Andrew Baker, a respected salary-cap strategist, for a senior role in Dallas’ new front office, sources said.

No word on who might replace Baker as “director of contract management.” Another Fisher rumor — that Sean Marks’ No. 2, Jeff Peterson, might join Brad Stevens in Boston — is not believed to be accurate.

Meanwhile, there are separate reports Tuesday that Spencer Dinwiddie is Plan B for teams that lose out on Kyle Lowry. The 35-year-old Raptors PG is a soon-to-be free agent. Veteran reporters linked him to the Knicks, Heat and Pelicans...

As Fisher wrote...

It’s believed New Orleans, like each other team just mentioned, would have its sights set on Spencer Dinwiddie should Lowry choose to play elsewhere. The spinning of that point guard carousel will surely impact the landing spots for Lonzo Ball and Dennis Schroder, too.

A bidding contest for Dinwiddie would benefit him — and make a return to Brooklyn unlikely. He’s put his market value at $20 to $25 million a year, which the Nets are unlikely to meet.

Dinwiddie in a Twitter back-and-forth with Basketball Insider’s Eric Pincus tried to explain his position on his annual average value of $25 million wasn’t “unrealistic”...

In the same podcast with Lowe, Woj reported that the Nets are “optimistic” about returning Blake Griffin. Griffin, as Brian Lewis wrote Tuesday, has repeatedly spoken about how happy he’s been with the Nets organization. Also, Griffin will be paid $29.8 million this year by the Pistons.

Woj was less optimistic about Jeff Green who hasn’t played full back-to-back seasons with the same team since Boston from 2012-14. Green, who turns 35 next month, also been on five straight veteran’s minimum deals, something that’s admittedly frustrated him. He had his best statistical year in nearly a decade with Brooklyn this year, averaging 11 points, four rebounds and a shooting line of 49/41/78 in 68 games.

Woj and Lowe suggested that the Bucks might be a suitor for Green.

“Woj: Maybe a place for Jeff Green if he were to leave Brooklyn?

Lowe: Milwaukee

Woj: Because (the Bucks) have to pay Bobby Portis and they can’t pay Bobby Portis what he’s probably going to get on the market.”

In a minor but interesting move, the agent for Cameroonian-Italian big man, Paul Eboua, said the 6’8”, 225 pound 21-year-old will play for the Nets in Summer League.

Eboua played with the Long Island Nets in the G League “bubble” earlier this year. The Nets claimed him off waivers during training camp, then after waiving him, assigned him to Long Island. He is currently talking with Brescia in the German league. He reportedly wants an “NBA out” in his deal.

Also returning to the Nets for Summer League, Jordan Bowden, the 6’5” shooting guard who was in training camp last year and played with Eboua on Long Island...

Nic Claxton, Reggie Perry and Alize Johnson are all reportedly heading for Las Vegas. Summer League opens August 8.