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Winfield: Spencer Dinwiddie wants ‘the bag’ and ‘home’ after declining Nets option

Golden State Warriors v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Kristian Winfield reports Thursday that Spencer Dinwiddie has, as expected, declined his $12.3 million player option and wants a big contract, preferably with a team near his hometown of Los Angeles, where he has been working out since his ACL surgery back in January. Dinwiddie who had hoped to return in time for the NBA Finals was cleared for basketball activities earlier this week.

Winfield wrote...

A source told The Daily News the combo guard wants to go home, or “wants the bag.” “Home is the preferred destination,” the source told The Daily News. “But he wants to secure his financial future, too.”

Los Angeles, of course, could be either the Lakers or the Clippers but both are over the luxury tax threshold and the only way for him to get him “home” and get paid would be through a sign-and-trade with either of the two teams.

Dinwiddie, who averaged 21 and 7 two years ago before contracting COVID-19, then injuring his knee, could command a four-year deal with an average salary of between $15 and $20 million, according to various reports.

There were rumors during the regular season that the Nets and Lakers talked about a trade centered on Dinwiddie for Kyle Kuzma. The Lakers go into free agency with a very unsettled backcourt. Dennis Schroeder, like Dinwiddie, will be a free agent. Schroder, a year older than Dinwiddie, reportedly declined a four-year, $84 million contract offer. Alex Caruso filled in for him late in the season and the playoffs.

Sean Marks said Monday that the Nets are willing to help Dinwiddie, suggesting a sign-and-trade is possible.

“We’ll deal with Spencer when the time comes,” Marks said in his end-of-the-season press conference. “And, obviously Spencer has put himself in a position to secure his future long-term. We’d obviously love to play a role in that, whether that’s here or whether we can help him. But you know, we’ll focus on that at a later date.”

How much later is an issue. The Nets might want to use Dinwiddie to add depth and/or replenish their draft assets, having traded three firsts and three swaps in the James Harden deal.
Also an issue is how much salary the Nets would be willing to take back, A trade between two teams so far over the tax threshold might require a third team.

Winfield also reports that Dinwiddie’s status for the upcoming Olympics is uncertain. Dinwiddie reportedly secured Nigerian citizenship earlier this year in anticipation of playing for the African nation’s entry in The Games but he’s not on Team Nigeria’s preliminary roster.