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Stephanie Green, Jeff’s wife, pens a nighttime story ... starring their daughters

Jeff and Stephanie Green try not to miss many evenings with their young daughters, Sofia and Jasmine. Jeff Green may have a job that’s very different than most, but in today’s world, filled with Zoom calls and necessary but unwanted travel, it’s not that odd. So, they try as best they can to keep the family connection strong. And the ritual of nighttime story-telling, as old as parenting itself, is a big part of that.

And so, Stephanie, or Nini as she’s called, has gone one step further. She’s written a book, “Dream, Little Girl, Dream,” about how two little girls, also named Sofia and Jasmine, go on a magical ride after being tucked into bed, imagining their futures as everything from world-class athletes to life-saving doctors. It’s both a love letter to the Greens’ daughters and an extension of that story-telling ritual.

“An average parent, they have limited time with kids between jobs, daily pickups and just daily activities in life: cooking, cleaning,” Stephanie told Brian Lewis. “I just wanted to make sure that everybody could share this story, having a nighttime story. For us, we’d read to our girls every night. So they get so much into characters or storytelling — they ask questions and just retain so much.

“This is our time to just read with the girls with no distractions, no phones, and we just soak it all up. It’s so important personally for my family and my husband we all just come together to read that I’m [thinking] Mother’s Day could be such a great thing to end at night with this book, and for the kids to read it and just let their imaginations run.”

Jeff Green also thinks it will be an inspiration for the girls as they grow, a way to remember what things were like when they were growing up.

“Me and my wife made it a priority to read to our daughters before they went to bed each night,” Green told The Post. “My wife came up with that idea of creating a book as a memory for our daughters, being a story about them, and a story about little kids having a dream [and that they] do great things.

“She came up with the idea to create a book that would create a memory for our daughters that we can read to them so they can understand as they get older. She came up with that, and she made it come true.”

So this Mother’s Day, they’ll be stars of their own nighttime story, a loving and deeply appropriate way to observe the day.

“I’ve always been a reader myself. I read pretty much almost every day, and the girls have a good collection of books. We read every single time; it’s part of the routine,” Stephanie told Lewis. “I’m like, you know what, why not have something for the girls that they enjoy so much, and do something for them and when they grow up and have it for the kids’ kids? It’d be a great and special thing.”