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James Harden out at least 10 days with hamstring strain; Kevin Durant probable Wednesday

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Good news, bad news ... big news.

The Nets announced Tuesday that James Harden who left Monday’s game vs. the Knicks has a right hamstring strain and will be evaluated in 10 days, meaning he’ll miss at least the next five games starting with Wednesday’s contest with the Pelicans ... and very likely more.

Meanwhile, it looks Kevin Durant, who has missed 23 games also with a (left) hamstring strain, may play Wednesday. He is listed as probable for the Pelicans. Prior to Monday’s win against the Knicks, Steve Nash said he’s hopeful Durant can play this week while noting that it’s definitely “not set in stone.”

Harden underwent an MRI Tuesday after subbing out early in the win over the Knicks . It revealed a right hamstring strain. Harden, who was pulled after logging four minutes against the Knicks Monday, will continue to rehab the hamstring and will be re-evaluated in approximately 10 days, according to the team. Here it is officially...

Following the game, Nash praised Harden’s awareness, that he signaled that needed to be subbed out acknowledging something was wrong with his hamstring.

“Very similar to last time. He just had an awareness of something’s not right with his hammy. His scan was clean as we reported. His strength tests, when he came back to the locker room, were normal. It’s just something that we have to protect him. We have to trust him. Very frustrating for James but we can’t risk it if we can afford not to. That depends on trust between us and James making sure he feels comfortable with the decision. I thought tonight was the right decision was not to take any risks with him,” Nash said.

“Who knows. This may linger. It may be all behind us like we thought it was before the game but, it’s just one of those things where the scan was clean, the strength tests are clean but he feels something. So, on the side of caution.”

It isn’t just Harden, of course. The Nets have a number of injuries to deal with, as their status report showed.

Durant has been ramping up for his return in recent weeks, playing four-on-four and preparing his conditioning. On Thursday, Durant told reporters he is feeling great and was hopeful to be back out on the hardwood soon.

“I feel great. I feel like it’ll be soon that I’ll be out there with my teammates. The last month or so, it’s been me working out every day,” Durant said. “Playing with my teammates but mainly working out, stay ready, keeping my stamina up and sharpening up my skills so I can be able to transition back smoothly.

“It’s been too long for me and hopefully be back out there soon.”

There are 45 days and 21 games left before the post-season.