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Nets opening ‘ritzy’ new restaurant for courtside ticket holders at Barclays

In the premium space just off the court at Barclays Center, those in charge of the arena have tried a collection of suites “inspired by Jay-Z” called “the Vault,” and a nightclub, “Billboard Lounge” sponsored by the entertainment magazine. Neither worked that well.

So now, Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, parent company for Joe Tsai’s Brooklyn properties, is going upscale with the “Crown Club,” what critics are saying will be the “ritziest” new restaurant in Brooklyn when it opens next season, But don’t expect to get a reservation if you’re sitting in the cheap seats. It’ll be reserved for the 250 or so courtside denizens who pay in the low four figures for their seats.

The restaurant will be run by the Major Food Group, which operates some of the city’s most highly ranked eateries, including Carbone in the South Village. Mario Carbone the chef at Carbone welcomed the Crown Club to the group on Instagram.

The Robb Report which caters to the ultra rich pronounced the club as “opulent” based purely on the architect’s renderings. On reason, Robb Report argues, is that MFG and BSE “enlisted renowned interior designer Kevin Fulk to take the tired VIP sports lounge concept and inject it with some much-needed glamour.”

The space is 7,700 square feet that’ll include a foyer, lounge, pantry, salon and ... a private dining room for “those looking for an even more exclusive experience,” Robb reports. And yes, there will be “unsightly” big screen TVs for those who want to keep up with what’s going on a few dozen feet away. It’s name is a tribute to the two artists who’ve shaped the Nets choice of gear the last couple of years, Biggie Smalls and Jean-Michel Basquiat, both of whom “invoke” the crown in their work, per the BSE announcement.

“Without qualification, this is going to be one of the most beautiful spaces in the city,” Fulk said in a statement. “The fact that it’s inside an arena adds to the mysterious sense of being invited to a private grand residence for an unforgettable evening.”

Grand residence or not, it’s a big change from The Vault and Billboard Lounge and a hope that the club can attract a well-heeled clientele to a restaurant before during or after a game ... or concert.

John Abbamondi, the CEO of BSE Global and the Nets, said the goal is “to create the finest restaurant experience in a sporting arena the world has ever seen.”

For fans with less expensive seats, the Qatar Airways Club and 40/40 Lounge will still be available as well as a variety of other lounges. And maybe we can move up.