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Pistons try to dunk on Blake Griffin, fail

Charlotte Hornets v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

It’s odd for an NBA team to go after a former player on social media, but the Pistons are kinda desperate. They’re last in the East. So on Tuesday afternoon, their Twitter account attempted to troll (dunk on?) Blake Griffin, it fell flat...

It was, of course, a reference to how the man who once dunked over a Kia to win the Dunk Contest, hadn’t dunked in 464 days ... but only 38 games ... before leaving for the Nets. There were even reports he couldn’t dunk, a ridiculous notion. Then, after he arrived in Brooklyn (and spent time working with the performance team), Griffin has been above the rim on a number of occasions, starting in his debut with Brooklyn. After that first dunk, a seemingly relieved Griffin shouted, “I still got it!”

He seems to getting more and more confident, like Tuesday night...

Whether Griffin was aware of the Pistons tweet is hard to tell. The tweet was unceremoniously deleted not long after it was posted. Did someone higher up decide discretion was the better part of valor and pull it?

Of course, before it was deleted, NBA Twitter found it, saved it and posted it anew, as Clutch Points noted.

User @FourwitTheFive managed to screenshot the deleted tweet and posted it on his own feed. So much for the Pistons thinking they could get away with this not-so-subtle shot at the current Nets big man.

So no big deal for Griffin. As for the Pistons? They still owe Griffin $29,764,126 next season after paying him $32,670,565 this season.