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Dennis Schröder used N-word in Saturday confrontation with Kyrie Irving?

Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

On Sunday, Kyrie Irving posted a tweet without context but with a lot of gravity and will...

Now, according to and others, Irving’s comment may have been triggered by Dennis Schröder’s purported use of the N-word in his Saturday night confrontation with Irving during the Lakers’ game ... a confrontation that got both men tossed for the first time in their careers.

Complex reported that some believed they could read Schröder’s lips...

A Twitter user captioned the words believed to be said by Irving and Schröder during the altercation, and it appears the Lakers guard may have used the N-word while jawing at Kyrie, which may have set him off. We should note that it hasn’t been confirmed what was actually said between the players, but Irving’s tweet leaves little to the imagination.

As noted, Irving has not specifically commented on either the confrontation or the tweet, but the Nets star has often used social media to express his beliefs.