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Steve Nash leaves door open for a potential Spencer Dinwiddie return

Brooklyn Nets v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

There is a plan in the works for Spencer Dinwiddie to rejoin the Nets in some fashion. Whether it works and he plays again this season has yet to be determined but the Nets are leaving the door open.

Prior to Saturday’s game against the Lakers, Steve Nash spoke about the possibility of Dinwiddie rejoining the team once he completes the bulk of his ACL rehab. Dinwiddie, who has been rehabbing at Phenom Sports Performance in southern California, is ahead of his rehab schedule according to Nash but the timing of his return from a partial ACL tear — as well as its extent— remains open.

“I think there is a time where he is going to come back to the team but I don’t know when that is to be honest. I know he’s still right in the thick of his rehab. He’s very dedicated, doing all the work and is ahead of schedule. I’m not sure when the date is,” Nash said. “If it’s playoffs, before the playoffs but I know there is the plan for him to come back and be around the guys when he gets the bulk of his rehab done.”

“Being around the guys,” of course, doesn’t mean Dinwiddie will return to play. That’s a whole separate decision.

Then, on Sunday, Dinwiddie posted his response to all the speculation on Twitter...

Dinwiddie, who suffered the partially torn ACL in the third game of the season and underwent surgery in early January, has been publicly documenting the stages of the rehab on his social media accounts throughout the season. The 6’6” guard suffered a similar but much worse injury to his other knee during his junior season at Colorado.

The NBA didn’t expect Dinwiddie to return to play this season, granting the Nets a disabled player exception - which expires April 19. With the roster nearly full and the buyout season over, the chances of it being used are increasingly limited.