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Blake Griffin on whether he’ll be catching lobs now that he’s joined the Nets: ‘We’ll see’

Indiana Pacers v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Blake Griffin sounded excited Monday talking about his decision to join the Nets, responding to fans questions an AMA with Bleacher Report .

In responses to fans, the 12-year veteran praised the Nets organization, giving particular recognition to Steve Nash’s job as head coach, stated he joined Brooklyn “to help win a championship” and offered a hint on whether he’ll be catching lobs again in Brooklyn. “We’ll see” was all he’d say.

Below are some notable Nets-related answers from the newest Net during the AMA

What’s your goal for this year?

Griffin: “My only goal is to help win a championship. Some years it’s more realistic than others. But that’s why I came to Brooklyn.”

Why did you choose Brooklyn over LA?

Griffin: “They have a need for a 4-man. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Steve Nash and all of the guys they have. Sean Marks has done a great job there. It was a tough decision and I wanted to be on a team that was contending.”

While Griffin said he sees himself as 4, a number of pundits including Adrian Wojnarowski think his most likely role will be a small-ball center off the bench.

Who is your favorite player to go up against?

Griffin: “The best in my position - Giannis and AD. It’s always a challenge so those guys are the most fun.”

Was your friendship with DeAndre Jordan a big factor in joining Brooklyn?

Griffin: “We go way back. Anybody who you’re that familiar with it always makes it easier. That definitely played a part.”

Jordan and Griffin played eight seasons together with the Los Angeles Clippers during the “Lob City” era. Of course, Griffin has yet to dunk this season, his athleticism believed to have been sapped by a number of surgeries, including the most recent, an arthroscopic procedure on his balky left knee in April 2019

What’s your most memorable dunk?

“The one on Kendrick Perkins. He was such a defensive minded player and he always had the scowl on his face so that makes it a little bit sweeter.”

Six-man Dunk Contest of players in their prime, who would you pick to be in that contest?

“Blake Griffin: Vince Carter, Michael Jordan, Aaron Gordon, Zach LaVine, Dominique Wilkins, Nate Robinson.”

Are we gonna see you catch Lobs now?

Griffin: “We’ll see.”

...maybe as soon at Thursday night.