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Desus and Mero take on Kyrie Irving, James Harden ... and us!

Sometimes, you just let a video clip play. There’s no need to expand on it, explain it. It is what it is. Ya play it as it lays. So here’s Desus and Mero’s version of an “Important NBA Press Conference” by Kyrie Irving ... with appearances by both Kyrie and James Harden as well as a press corps featuring, well, us...

That’s just the YouTube version. There was also this clip that played over the credits but didn’t make the YouTube cut...

We miss nothing! And, for the record, 1) One of us has seen the Hubble Telescope ... up close and 2) NetsDaily reporters have phones (well most of us.)

We do, however, wonder, as one viewer noted, if they’ll still get VIP treatment at Barclays Center.

You can find the comedic stylings of Desus and Mero on Showtime every Sunday and Thursday at 11 p.m. ET or on YouTube. Enjoy. We certainly did.