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‘Big Three’ jerseys among top sellers in U.S. (and Europe) as popularity continues to rise

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Brooklyn Nets v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Well, there goes that shibboleth!

For years, decades even, we’ve been told that the Nets have no fans. Now, in yet another indicator of the team’s rising popularity, the Brooklyn Nets merchandise is now the second most popular in the United States, according to the NBA, behind only the Lakers ... and the “Big Three” are all in the top 10, Kevin Durant at No. 2 (behind LeBron James), Kyrie Irving at No. 6 and James Harden No. 9. Moreover, no other team had more than two players in the top 15.

Here’s the complete list...

At No. 2, the Nets were sandwiched between the Lakers and Warriors who in recent years have alternated as the big seller.

So not only do the Nets have fans —and lots of them — but they have fans who shelled out hard-earned dollars. They’re also paying out euros and pounds sterling as well. Earlier in the week, sales in Europe and the United Kingdom were released. They showed even stronger numbers.

According to data released on Wednesday, three of the top five —and two of the top three—best-selling jerseys in Europe and the United Kingdom belong to the “Big Three.” Durant was No. 2, Harden No. 3 and Irving No. 5. Proceeds from the sales of online merchandise is shared among the NBA’s 30 teams.

As they have in the past, the sales figures are based on sales at the and the, respectively.

As we’ve noted, the Nets “Big Three” has pushed every NBA business metric whether measured by national or TV ratings, merchandise sales or social media to new heights.

And earlier Thursday, six Nets were selected to the Team USA pool for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. That’s also the most of any team. The “Big Three” as well as Joe Harris, D’Andre Jordan and newly acquired Blake Griffin. Each of the 57 players had to agree to have their name entered in the pool. Durant and Irving both have gold medals from previous Olympics. Only one Net, Deron Williams, won a gold while with the Nets.