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Live Game Thread: Brooklyn Nets vs. Los Angeles Clippers, 7:30 PM EST

LA Clippers v New York Knicks Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Boy, that loss Sunday night sure was offensive. Meh.

Tuesday night is going to be a bit of a tougher task - though, stopping the Wizards on Sunday was pretty tough for these Nets - with a fairly healthy Clippers team in town.

The Clips are 16-5 on the season and are pretty much just on cruise control until the playoffs. Must be nice.

The Nets, however, will have their big three suited up on Tuesday - thankfully. So, this should be a fun one.

Don’t forget, it’s on TNT.

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (13-9) vs. Los Angeles Clippers (16-5)


WHERE: TNT (tv), WFAN (radio)

Game Preview.

The Nets are 6-3 since the big trade and are a few percentage points behind the Milwaukee Bucks for second in the Eastern Conference standings. The sky isn’t falling in Brooklyn and they’ll win their fair share of games. However, the Nets are in the high rent district now so just winning games isn’t good enough. They have a lot to clean up and get right if they want to play deep into May and June.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the Nets staggering their star players’ minutes, and the second quarter of Sunday’s game is a perfect reason why. With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the bench, the Nets let a comfortable lead slip away and allowed the Wizards to get back into the game, which led to... well, you read the opening to this story. Steve Nash and friends have to manage minutes so his stars aren’t out here for close to 40 minutes a night while ensuring the second unit isn’t left on an island to fend for itself.

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