The Blake Griffin Solution

With reports coming out that Detroit is moving on from Blake Griffin, I came to the realization that he is the big that we need. Blake is the one that was promised. He may be the perfect big man solution for our small ball lineup.

Let's start off by noting that I never liked the idea of Drummond on this team, simply because there is very little to suggest that Nash/D'Antoni would want to play such a traditional 7 foot big for the 30 minutes per night that he would want. He's also trying to get a big contract this summer and not necessarily trying to win a chip. Having Drummond and DJ would amount to 48 minutes of normal sized NBA basketball, which doesn't match up with this coaching staff's philosophy.

However, considering that Blake has Draymond Green like offensive skills at this point (power forward/center who can playmake) he makes A LOT more sense. He is also more likely to be bought out than Drummond, seeing as his contract is an absolute albatross that the Pistons would have to give up draft picks to move.

So let's say Blake is bought out and just wants to be on a contender. He has 2 options: Sign with the Lakers to get back at the Clips or sign with us. If he signs with the Lakers, he is not getting a ton of minutes - seeing as they have Gasol, Trez, and AD already signed on for getting major minutes in the playoffs. If he signs with us he can take our DPE and get the most possible money this season in addition to contending.

Now the fun stuff: How does a lineup look like with Blake?

For 25%-50% of our remaining games (seeing as Blake is oft injured) we get to see a death lineup of Blake, KD, Harden, Joe (or Bruce Brown), and Kyrie (or Bruce Brown). That lineup might struggle to make stops but with Blake in there, we get more hustle rebounds and hustle put back points. We get even more passing, allowing Kyrie to live out his dream of never having to pass again.

Defensively Blake wont be blocking shots but he will box out his man. He will be a muscle to put up against Giannis and Ben Simmons in the playoffs. Depending on the big you are going up against you have options. You can go with the length of KD, the craftiness of Brown, the size of DJ, or the strength of Blake.

We might win the chip without Blake, but we absolutely will with him.

UPDATE: Blake Griffin buyout completed. It may be happening.