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JaVale McGee sounds like he’d welcome a reunion with Kevin Durant

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

There’s a lot going on with the Nets big men. Jeff Green is now starting over DeAndre Jordan who’s facing a lot of criticism, including from one of his teammates. Reggie Perry has been sent to the G League “bubble” to get him reps. The Nets have signed two bigs, Norvel Pelle and Noah Vonleh, to non-guaranteed contracts and Nicolas Claxton, who hasn’t played since last February, is finally working out with Nets coaches and the team hopes for a return in the next few weeks. Not to mention persistent rumors of interest in Andre Drummond. All because Jarrett Allen had to be moved.

Even before the Drummond rumors, there were JaVale McGee rumors. McGee, however, is more of a realistic possibility than his Cavalier teammate. He’s not playing in Cleveland, even more so after Allen’s arrival. His salary, $4.2 million and expiring, would fit neatly into the Nets DPE worth $5.7 million. AND he has a history with Kevin Durant. The two were teammates on the Warriors’ last two championship teams. McGee, in fact, has won three rings in the last four years, having played with LeBron James on last year’s Lakers.

So how does the veteran seven-footer feel about a reunion with KD and the possibility of grabbing lob passes from Kyrie Irving and James Harden? He didn’t say yes, he didn’t say no, but when Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports asked about the rumors on his podcast Tuesday, McGee certainly didn’t dismiss it. Erik Bacharach laid out the conversation on

“You’ve seen that out there, JaVale,” Haynes noted. “You’d look good catching lobs from Kyrie (Irving), James Harden, KD.”

Amid laughter, McGee admitted the fit would work ... and suggested he’d like to move on, get some playing time.

“I guess they (people who are speculating) take my time in Golden State and just plug me in there also, because they’re like, ‘He thrived when he was in Golden State so he definitely will thrive if he was over there in Brooklyn,’” McGee said. “But hey man, I’m just trying to go day by day and make sure I stay focused and focused on myself.

“If a team comes and gets me, then it is what it is. But yeah, that’s all I can do, is just stay in shape and stay myself and stay bouncy and stay dunking on people. That’s all I can really do.”

Here’s the full interview of the 33-year-old...

Rumors of Nets interest in McGee began two weeks ago. Sam Amico of Forty Eight Minutes, who’s long covered the Cavaliers, wrote about it first on January 22.

Three days later, Jason Dumas of KRON, the Bay Area TV station that covers the Warriors, added to the rumors.

Nothing since, but with all the movement —and disappointment— don’t be surprised to see Sean Marks make some moves. Once he identifies a problem, he becomes a very unsentimental man.