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Joe Harris has made ‘small progress’ on ankle sprain, says Steve Nash

Brooklyn Nets v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Joe Harris will miss his seventh straight game with an ankle sprain Saturday night when the Nets face the Suns. Judging by Steve Nash’s comments Friday afternoon, don’t expect him back any time soon.

“I think he’s made small progress,” Nash told the Nets media. “But I think there’s still a ways to go there, where they’ve got to continue to evaluate different options and how we can help speed up his recovery.”

Nash didn’t elaborate on how long “a ways to go” might be or what the “different options” might be. The Nets have neither provided a timeframe for Harris’ return nor the grade of the sprain on the three-grade scale.

Harris sprained his left ankle sprain on November 14 vs. the Thunder in Oklahoma City. At the time, Harris was shooting 46.6 percent, second in the league. Since then, Patty Mills has filled in admirably for Harris. After shooting 54.5 percent in the seven games without Harris, Mills is now shooting 50.4 percent for the season, taking as many shots as Harris had been before going down, about six a game. Mills is currently second in the NBA in 3-point percentage while Harris is third. Jonas Valanciunas of the Pelicans is first at 53.5. As a team, the Nets remain the top 3-point shooters in the NBA at 37.1 percent.

The 30-year-old Harris had been the Nets more durable players before the injury, missing only 16 games in the past four years.