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NBA Live Thread: Brooklyn Nets at Cleveland Cavaliers, 7:00 PM EST

Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Nets got off to a rough start on Friday night when they played the flailing Orlando Magic in Brooklyn. Sure, they were without Kevin Durant, but man was that (for the most part) a rough one.

On Monday they head out on the road to take on a Cavaliers team that had been defying a bit of their expectations, but then found themselves without Colin Sexton, the team’s best player, and are sitting on a 3-game losing streak at the moment. Ouch.

Jarrett Allen is expected to suit up for the Cavs - good for him. As a Nets fan it seems reasonable to want him to success (a double-double?) but, you know, still lose.

Rooting for you, ‘fro!

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (12-5) at Cleveland Cavaliers (9-8)


WHERE: NBA TV (national), YES (local), WFAN-FM (radio)

Game Preview.

Player to watch: Darius Garland

Without Sexton, more of the playmaking and scoring responsibilities fall on the third year player’s shoulders. In the six games without Sexton, he’s playing close to 37 minutes a night and averaging 21 points and five assists on a .454/.328/.917 split. It’s a huge task to undertake on the fly, but if Garland can continue to build on what’s been a good season thus far, he can help the Cavs stay above water and hopefully compete for a playoff spot deeper into the season.

James Harden is starting to look like his old self again. The shot wasn’t there on Friday, but he maintained his level of aggressiveness, kept attacking and took 20 free throw attempts on his way to victory. Great players always find a way to make it happen, and with Harden continuing to get back to MVP form, he helps Brooklyn maintain some flow on offense even as they try to figure things out.

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