Shame on the Nets, if...

they ask LaMarcus Aldridge to train, practice, or play anywhere near Kyrie Irving.

Aldridge came out of retirement to play with a heart condition- despite the risks. He shows up whenever he is healthy. He plays for the minimum salary- despite being a probable Hall Of Fame player. Apparently he does not even demand to be in the starting lineup.

Heart damage from Covid-19 extends well beyond the disease’s initial stages, according to a study that found even people who were never sick enough to need hospitalization are in danger of developing heart failure and deadly blood clots a year later.

By refusing the vaccine, Kyrie puts himself at much greater risk of both becoming infected with Covid 19 and infecting people near him- even the fully-vaccinated.

Shame on the Nets also if they require a [much lesser-paid] employee to wipe Kyrie's sweat off the floor. The "staff" must be vaccinated to approach Kyrie Irving's exalted breathing space, of course.

Shame on the NBA and its Player Association if they force LaMarcus and other sensible players to choose between sitting out or guarding an unvaccinated opponent. In NBA basketball a player must frequently come within 6 feet of the player he is guarding, for several minutes at a time.

Shame on the NBA also for requiring teams play in arenas that don't mandate vaccination for fans. Every NBA team actively encourages fans to yell loudly over the course of the game, which is played indoors. Yelling is a known vector for spreading Covid particles.

During the Olympic Marathon, by contrast, any fans who did line the [outdoor] course were asked to clap only. They complied. Japan is an island nation, and people have no problem wearing masks even during the mildest epidemics.

Shame on the players' union for failing to demand a healthy workplace for its members. That should be one the most vital responsibilities of any union.

The risk of transmission can not be eliminated completely, but it must be minimized.