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Live NBA Game Thread: Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat, 7:30 PM EST

Orlando Magic v Miami Heat Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets are off to a so-so start to the 2021-22 NBA season. At 2-2 they are, well, just “ok.” But, of course it’s not time to set off any alarm bells.

The Nets, led by Kevin Durant - the world’s greatest basketball player (I love writing that, tbh) - will take on the Miami Heat on Wednesday night at home.

Kyle Lowry gives the 2-1 Heat a new look and a new leader, brining not only leadership but an ability to change the game on both sides of the floor.

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (2-2) vs. Miami Heat (2-1)


WHERE: YES (tv), WFAN (radio)

Game Preview.

Miami enters its fourth game as a defensive juggernaut, allowing only 95.7 points per game and 39.3 percent shooting. The are second-best in the NBA in both categories. Moreover, The Heat have yet to allow an opponent to score more than 102 points and shoot higher than 40.7 percent. They also have held their first three opponents under 30 percent from 3-point range. Against Orlando, they upped their perimeter defense, holding the young Magic to 12-of-44 shooting from three. That’s 27.3 percent.

Offensively, they haven’t been consistent. Against the Magic, they shot 47.1 percent for the game, a nice jump over the 38.1 percent they shot against the Pacers Saturday night in their only loss. On the other hand, this is a team that scored 137 points against the Bucks on Thursday on their home court.

The Heat are getting consistency from their own “Big Three” — Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo. Butler is averaging 25.3, Herro 23.3 and Adebayo 17.7 and 14.0 boards. Kyle Lowry, their big off-season signing, is putting up big numbers yet but his averaging seven assists a game and providing, along with Butler, veteran leadership.

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