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City Edition unis to be unveiled in a week ... Is this what to expect?

The Brooklyn Nets will unveil their new City Edition jerseys for the 2021-2022 season next Wednesday, November 3, vs. the Hawks. Nothing official yet, but is this basic design what the Nets will be wearing when their turn comes to don City Edition gear??

As anyone who follows uni releases (and leaks), it’s difficult to give accurate credit for breaking the news. Leaks often emanate from overseas, as if the designs were being test-marketed before the roll-out. This one does look authentic. They’re on hangers in a store, after all...

And close-up sleuthing of the uniform details reveals some authentic history...

On the other hand, where’s the WeBull patch? That patch is going to be part of every Nets jersey for the next several years. We’re told you can buy jersey without it. The online brokerage app is paying the Nets a reported $30 million annually. (WeBull’s CEO even appeared with one prominently displayed during a live interview on CNBC Wednesday morning.}

The leaked jersey looks like the latest homage to the Nets history in New Jersey, featuring the red, white and blue colors of that era and a bit more stylized lettering as well.

The NBA of course has figured out that the more uniforms, the better. There seems to be a never-ending interest in what players wear on their bodies, on their feet. With a week to go, expect more news, more leaks.

And, hey, what about the white Basquiats?? Weren’t we promised them, too?