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Spencer Dinwiddie underwent successful surgery Monday to repair the partially torn ACL in his right knee and will begin rehabilitation next week, the Nets reported in a medical update.

The update did not provide any timetable for his return other than to say he’s expected to make a full recovery. Here’s the statement.

In the past, the Nets have said if an injury is season-ending as they did, for example, with Jeremy Lin after the devastating injury to his patella tendon on Opening Night in 2017.

However, Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Nets will seek a disabled player exception for the 27-year-old indicating his season is over. In a later story on ESPN, Woj described Dinwiddie’s injury as “season-ending.”

Moreover, Brian Lewis noted that the Nets announced Dindwiddie had “reconstructive” ACL surgery, which experts say likely means a lost season...

Dinwiddie himself noted the difference between a 2014 ACL he suffered and his current injury in an Instagram post shortly after he was injured.

And two days ago, Dinwiddie posted a still of him working out.

But now, it appears that he’s done for 2020-21.

The Nets would have to apply for the DPE, but it is not guaranteed. The NBA medical office would have to certify the injury is likely season-ending.

A DPE would permit the Nets to sign a player to a one-year salary of up to half Dinwiddie’s salary, which would be $5.7 million (but would require the Nets to open up a roster spot.) The Nets could also trade for a player on an expiring contract worth that much or claim a player off waivers. Here’s a further explanation.

Should Dinwiddie return to action during the season, the award of a DPE would not be effected.