Hopeless Celtics fan becoming a big Nets fan (Poll)


I don't do bandwagons. I want to say that first and foremost. I'm a C's fan at heart, but I also like to keep things realistic and be real with myself about which teams have a legit chance to win the title.

The way I see it, it's the Nets, Lakers and Clippers... and all the other contenders, like the Celtics, Heat and Nuggets are a pretty distant second.

That being said, I can't help but to find myself drawn to the Nets this year. Why?

KD vs Lebron

I love this rivalry. I'm a huge KD fan... always have been. When he went to Golden State, I was excited, because I knew the Cavs/Lebron would have no chance to beat them. A 73 win team that added possibly the best player alive, Kevin Durant. It was unfair... and personally I was tired of the Lebron-NBA and ready for a change... so that was exciting to me. Just as exciting as when the Spurs crushed Lebron, Wade and Bosh in 2014, or when Dirk beat them in 2011. I tend to enjoy watching Lebron lose, particularly to Kevin Durant who I consider a better player...

I feel like those two players, lebron and KD, are similar to debating Jordan v. Magic. One of them can make a living of jump shots... the other is a play maker... so which one was the better style more conducive to winning rings? Obviously, we say MJ because hindsight is 2020... but I feel like KD, more of an MJ style, is more proof that MJ/KD win the debate, considering how badly the Durant lead Warriors dispatched the Lebron lead Cavs. Even though KD had the better team, there was no excuse for Lebron to lose 4-1 and then 4-0.

KD...MJ... their style is more conducive to winning imo, because they can shoot and be play makers. They can hit clutch shots. They can play off the ball and pop out and hit jumpers (so other ball handlers can stay involved). I just prefer the do it all guys who can also hit every shot, opposed to the do it all guys, like LBJ, who can't hit shots in anywhere near the same way.


I think there's a false narrative that Lebron is better than KD. And I hope the Nets reach the finals this year, so KD can prove the narrative false all over again. So he can show everyone the truth, that he's the superior player.

Surely, after crushing Lebron's Cavs back 2 back times, in the NBA Finals, if KD does it again (off an achilles tear no less!) with two hard heads like Harden and Kyrie... verses Lebron and AD who many consider the best 2 players alive... then that should end the debate once and for all, right?

I just hope the Clippers don't spoil the party, beat LA, and then we have a BKN vs LAC Finals.


Nets v Lakers finals.

Nets win in 7. KD is Finals MVP

Celtics are no Nets

I'll always be a C's fan. I bleed green. I love Jayson Tatum and I think he's the future of the league... but when the Celtics let the Nets get Harden, they kissed the conference goodbye for the next 1, 2 maybe 3 years. They actually kept Jaylen Brown over James MVP Harden, and that's amazing to me. I think the Celtics are too old school w/ their approach. They let the coach and GM be the controllers of the franchise, but in this day and age, we're seeing that the super teams (lac, bkn and laL) are basically ran by the superstars... the players control everything, from building the roster, to choosing a coach... all the way to deciding when the teams will hold practices and stuff.

It's amazing how much power these superstars have today, and it continues to grow. Well, the Celtics are the antithesis of that player empowerment, and it's Ainge and Stevens who call all the shots... so, no surprise that Kyrie couldn't lure KD to Boston. In stead, it was KD who lured Kyrie to Brooklyn... and by all accounts, KD probably had a big hand in picking Steve Nash as coach, and bringing in James Harden... which, KD knew he couldn't accomplish in Boston, because it's the Ainge and Stevens show and why would he want to deal with that? So yeah, unless Boston gets lucky with the homegrown/draft products, then it's going to be a miserable existence in the new era of player empowerment.

Hopefully, you guys here at Nets Daily are cool with a new fan, that happens to like the Celtics. This was just an introduction though. I don't plan to talk about the C's much... I truly am rooting for the Nets. I hope KD leads this team to the Finals and wins it all.

I don't mind Kyrie. I understand why he left Boston - because he was following KD.

I don't mind James Harden - - I was extremely hopeful Boston would trade Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart to acquire him, and then give the Nets a run for their money in the playoffs this year... but of course, they whiffed... so here I am.