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Live Game Thread: Brooklyn Nets vs. Milwaukee Bucks, 7:30PM EST

Dallas Mavericks v Milwaukee Bucks

The new-new Nets are about to face their toughest task yet - taking on one of the East’s top teams, the Milwaukee Bucks.

But while the Bucks have one potential MVP, the Nets will suit up with at least two, maybe three possible MVP candidates.

James Harden and Kevin Durant went off in their first game together in Brooklyn; Harden with a historic performance, debuting with a 30-point triple-double effort.

These new-new Nets, different from the old Nets and better than the old Nets - let’s see how they respond to the first true test.

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (8-6) vs. Milwaukee Bucks (9-4)

WHEN: 7:30 pm EST

WHERE: TNT (tv), WFAN (radio) - note, the game is not on YES.

Game Preview.

As wingmen go, Khris Middleton is one of the best to have on your side. If I had to identify a guy on the Bucks that I would go to late to get a bucket, it’s him. He can score from all three levels and his efforts in the bubble against the Heat earned him a lot of respect from fans across the league. He’ll probably get the KD assignment and for the Nets, I’m assuming Bruce Brown will get his turns checking Middleton. We’re going to have a million questions about Brooklyn’s perimeter defense, and Brown has been amazing defensively when he’s touched the court.

The Nets aren’t the only team that made a big move to boost their championship odds. Milwaukee went big and made a move for former All-Star Jrue Holiday this fall. Holiday’s been playing well so far and his ability to play lockdown defense, score well from deep, set up teammates, and get his own shot (he’s not in the top tier when it comes to getting his own, but good enough) is crucial and a big reason why the team decided to upgrade from Eric Bledsoe. It’s gonna be interesting to see who he’s assigned to tonight.

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